Creativity will Rise from the Rubble

Is it possible for creative people to congregate in certain towns or cities, making those places creative hotspots of the world? listed “The 9 Most Creative Cities of 2016” and the city of Christchurch from my home country of New Zealand was 4th of the list. Christchurch has the most unique story out of all the cities; it was devastated by a series of large earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, which completely destroyed the city centre. From this tragedy “innovation and creativity has risen, breathing life back into New Zealand’s garden city”.


The opportunity to fully design a city centre from scratch is any urban planners dream (or nightmare) and so the city searched high and low to find the perfect team of creative and innovate young minds to being rebuilding this once great city. In 2016 rebuilding a city means a smart, technologically advanced and connected city is easily achievable. An interactive app was developed, where the user walked around the city and was able to discover, and learn about all of the old buildings that once stood there and keep up to date track in real-time of the reconstruction process. This allowed locals to become more involved in the rebuilding of their city and track its progress.

I think that even though what happened to Christchurch was a complete disaster, it really allowed the creativity of the city and the nation to flourish. Be it thinking of unique and effective ways to fundraise for those impacted by the quake, or coming up with ideas for quick housing and schooling, everyone pitched in their creativity and innovation to assist in making the city whole again.


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